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フミン酸ナトリウム Sodium Humate (腐植酸钠)

フミン酸ナトリウム Sodium Humate (腐植酸钠)

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Sodium humate standard: Humic acid(dry basis)フミン酸(無水ペース):60% min 1.soluble humic acid(dry basis)溶解できるフミン酸(無水ペース): 2.fulvic(dry basis)フルボ(無水ペース): Organic matter(dry basis)有機物質(無水ペース):70%.....
20つのオファー  Qingzhou Dexin Resources Trading Co., Ltd [China]

6-メチルクマリン/ 6-Methylcoumarin 92-48-8

6-メチルクマリン/ 6-Methylcoumarin 92-48-8

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43つのオファー Wuhan Hezhongshenghua Biochem Co., Ltd [China]

6-メチルクマリン/ 6-Methylcoumarin

Pneumatic Draphragm Pump

Pneumatic Draphragm Pump

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Performance Capacity: 0.8~30m3/h Discharge pressure: 1~6bar Viscosity:0.5~10000cps Certificate:ISO9001,CE,CCS,BV,GL,etc.
4つのオファー HG Machinery Group Co., Ltd [China]

人事管理システム(HRM-Human Resource Management )

人事管理システム(HRM-Human Resource Management )

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「人事管理システム」は人事部門における情報の一元管理、個人デ-タの蓄積と従業員の育成、客観的評価に基ずく人事考課を行うなどを目的として作られています。 ※導入コストの削減 専任スタッフのサポートにより、導入から稼動まで短期間でシステムを構築でき、シ.....
10つのオファー, 製品情報  IVANTEE Outmanaging Service [China]

Lace Wig, Hand Tied By 100% Remy Human Hair, レースのかつら, かつら, 100% 人髪

Lace Wig, Hand Tied By 100% Remy Human Hair, レースのかつら, かつら, 100% 人髪

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lace wig, full lace wig, lace frontal wig: 1) Texture: 100% Indian human hair 2) Hair color: black (also have dark brown, medium brown, light-brown, blonde, flaxen and so on.) 3) Cap size: 7"x9"(5"x6",6"x6",6"x8",7"x8",7"x10"8"x10" or any.....
3つのオファー Xuchang Feiyang Trade Co., Ltd Or 許昌縣飛洋貿易有限公司 [China]

Nail Human Extenstion チップエクステ 指型 ストレート

Nail Human Extenstion チップエクステ 指型 ストレート

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nail extenstion Shandong Hongking (Group) Co., Limited Shandong Hongking (Group) Co., Limited is a professional hairproducts manufacturer and exporter. Relying on the reliable and steady quality control and our customer's support, now our.....
48つのオファー  山東宏科(集団)有限会社 [China]

Human Hair Extenstion

Human Hair Extenstion

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human hair extenstion wave
48つのオファー  山東宏科(集団)有限会社 [China]

“Homepage、On-Line Shop製作・開発専門企業 Global Human & IT Web Agency”

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弊社は、韓国のソウルにあるウェブエージェンシー専門企業で、Homepage、On-Line shop、ERP製作・開発およびインターネットビジネスコンサルティング・マーケティング支援等、貴社のオンラインのビジネスを成功させるe-Biz Total.....
7つのオファー  Human&ItCo, .Ltd. [Korea (South)]

100%human Hair Extension

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Dear ladies and gentlemen, We are Juancheng County Xingda Hair Products Co.,Ltd. which is a 100% human hair products manufactory in China.All our product arts and crafts is the best.70% of our products are sold to Europe.Now we have built our own.....

Sales:polo Af Lacoste Lv Gucci Nike Puma Dsquared Evisu

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LV711 is a special exchange brand footwear , handbags , sportsbags, clothing, watches wholesaler. Nike Puma Jordans Lv Gucci Dsquared Boss Edhardy Lacoste Evisu Polo AF C-K Ipod Suny. m
711trade Co., Ltd [China]

Distributor Wanted For Neumatic Coupling

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We are represening the DS (Daisen) brand pneumatic coupling. DS coupling are used by Japanese major air tool mannufacturers as EM base. This year, we started the national brand operation for overseas markets. We would set up 1 distributor in 1.....
Dai-Show Corporation [Japan]

Bisoprolol Fumarate

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Bisoprolol Fumarate CAS: 104344-23-2
32つのオファー  山東が豊富で医薬の化学工業有限会社 [China]


Open this result in new window (2007-03-26) 商品種類 単価(送料も込み) ロット Timberland 4900円 12足 Jordan 3900円 AF1 4900円 DUNK 4900円 AIR MAX 4800円 Puma 4450円 Adidas 35TH 5500円 Bape Sta 4300円
PuTian Xue Shi Footwear Co., Ltd [China]

Human Resource

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We are a new social organization, we provide experienced Chinese trainees and Philippine trainees for Japanese factory, we locate in kitakyusyu. The trainess can be worked in many kinds of field for one or three years which depends on their.....
2つのオファー Talentco Trading Company. [Japan]

NIKE Puma Adidas SportSHOES

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Famous-brand shoes OEM Can arrange in the customer , go to the famous-brand factory of regular mandate to go for production of lower order. The assurance that quality can be affirmed is the same definitely as the quality inside the monopolized shop......

Shuma 1.5 SOHC/ 1.5 DOHC/ 1.8 DOHC [KIA]

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Shuma 1.5 SOHC/ 1.5 DOHC/ 1.8 DOHC [KIA]を販売 しています。当社は顧客のために最善をつくすつもりです。
Lee Byeng Jik, President [Korea (South)]


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PIL KYUNG JUNG, Export Manager [Korea (South)]

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